About Us

Welcome to the LSC

The Life School Centre (in Nepali Jiwan Kendra) is an independent non-governmental Institutional membership based consortium civil society established in 2010 with a vision to serve as a pivotal point for social, sustainable natural resource management and skill development in contributing to secure livelihood of the people. It is functioning as “Training, Demonstration and Resource Centre” for strengthening the capacity of civil societies to be able to improve the livelihoods of the people living in the watershed area through increased upstream-downstream cooperation on sustainable natural resource management for socio, environmental and economic and transformation into sustainable livelihood security of the people today and in the future.

LSC is governed by 11 member executive board and is supported by a set of experienced professionals. The LSC has training, demonstration and resource center occupying 9490 square meters land in harsar village, 14 km apart from janakpur towards North. It has an assembly hall with a capacity for 150 people; three buildings having dormitory residential facilities for 50 persons, a building for organic kitchen and canteen and an office building. It has a wide range of experiences on watershed and natural resource management involving upstream and downstream people, training and orientation, campaigning socially excluded and down-trodden people for their rights, eco-building technology and material production, livelihood improvements for poor and women.

Legal Identity:

DAO Reg. No: 1802/2067/068
SWC Affiliation No: 32021
PAN: 304969357