Accomplishments and Outcomes

Major accomplishments and Outcomes:

  • Awareness promotion and community teaching on sustainable watershed and natural resource management by improving forestry and new options of agriculture technologies through Lok Pathashala, Jalaidh Youth Club (JYC) and Jalaidh Functional Literacy (JFL) classes.
  • Public land agro- forestry practices, community pond and marshy land management and alternative income earning and micro entrepreneurship development for livelihood improvement of poor, landless farmers and vulnerable communities.
  • Bio- engineering and green bank establishment by promoting private and leasehold forestry and micro- catchment management through participatory conservation and community actions.
  • National forest management being implemented through community forest groups and block Churia forest area (2190.73 ha) being managed through Jalaidh collaborative forest management group of people from upstream to downstream interlinking Churia and Terai.
  • Five Public land Agro- Forestry (PLAF) plots with 25 ha and 5 Lease Hold Forests (LHF)-23 ha have been registered for it legal entity.
  • Strengthening relationship between upstream and downstream communities and engagement of people of Churia & Tarai in conservation initiatives through establishment of four peoples’ organizations comprising 12,000 members namely – Lok Pathashala Association Nepal, Agro- laborers and Rural Craft People Association Nepal, Women Right Forum and District Farmers Association, of Dhanusha.
  • Strengthening institutional capacity of local partner organizations, peoples’ organizations, cooperatives, natural resources user groups and local resource persons.
  • Conduction of field studies and major publications are Hazard and Land Degradation Jalaidh watershed, History of Jalaidh, Bio- physical baseline Study for the Jalaidh Watershed, Vegetation of Churia in Jalaidh catchment area, Joint Management Study for the upper Watershed- Churia, A study Report on Economic Valuation of the Churia Region, Vulnerability Assessment and Formation of Climate Change Adaption Strategies in Churia Region, Jalaidh Watershed Management Plan and Community based Watershed Monitoring System.
  • Promotion of awareness on “upstream- Downstream interlinks between Churia and Tarai through radio program, social and environmental dialogue between stakeholders, upstream- downstream visits of government officials, students, political leaders, media person and citizen of Jalaidh watershed, mega cycle rally, green march and community campaigns and interactions at local and district level.
  • Engagement in whole watershed management planning process, natural resource management policy dialogue and knowledge dissemination.

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