Background of the Organization:

Jalaidh is an important river, flowing from Churia hill towards Das Gajja (line of Nepal- Indo border) in Dhanusha district. So, it affects both in positive and negatively over approximately 140,000 populations of 22 VDCs in Dhanusha districts. Annually floods and erodes agriculture lands and effect on livelihoods of this watershed. People are living in this watershed not only suffering from climatic vulnerability but also lack of forest resources and poor people suffering from poverty.

In this context, LSC has been established as institutional membership based consortium organization as an outcome of a 7 years development initiative, the Jalaidh Integrated Watershed and Natural Resource Management (JIWAN) Program, implemented by local implementing partners over Jalaidh watershed area till 2012 with support from Danida among partnership among CARE Nepal and three alliance partners of Danish Organizations of CARE Denmark, Danish Forest Extension (DFE) and FFD, Denmark. It is represented for training and advocacy forum for consolidation of JIWAN program and positive socio economic environmental transformation by mobilizing communities and strengthening CBOs, peoples’ organizations and alliance building in coordination of  professionals and concerned stakeholders interlinking from Das gajja to Churia  in finding better solution to Natural Resources Management and Churia Conservation.

It has backward and forward linkage of ecology and economy, biodiversity and livelihood, integration of social and technical elements, livelihood through forest based enterprises promoting the resiliency of local people interlinking between upstream and downstream among concerned stakeholders with increasing feeling of belonging, interrelation and interdependencies. 

It has further awarded with LSC Capacity Building Project for a period of two and half years from 2013- 2016 with the support of DFE and Brandbjerg Højskole together with local implementing partnership of SUYUK  with aiming to enable the peoples organizations and strengthening the Life School Centre as a professional resource, training and demonstration Centre for locally rooted strategies for strengthening civil societies with improved sustainable economic, social, natural and institutional development at local, district and central Terai region in the country, and influencing in policy formulation and implementation at national level.

It is presently working with Community Empowerment through Democratic NRM for a period of next three yrs from 2016 to 2019 in association with DFE and Brandbjerg Højskole with support from CISU, Denmark. Life School Centre as training, demonstration and resource centre is providing room as well as to organizing in-house training and providing services for interaction, workshop, action research, training and training materials on different socio ecological and economical subject matters to the prospective organizations/ individuals. It has developed knowledge, skill and expertise on social mobilization, CBRM, Co-operative and forest/ farm based micro entrepreneurship at both organizational and individual staff level.