Infrastructure List

Current Infrastructure Owned by Jiwan Kendra

1Jiwan Building (Double floor)151 sq. m.I st floor Dormitory with 14 beds

II nd floor- 4 cabins with double bed
2Churia Building151 sq. m.Dormitory with 14 beds
3TPFDA Building151 sq. m.Dormitory with 14 beds
4Canteen Building151 sq. m.Canteen
5Assembly Hall387.10 sq. m.Training hall with 18 tables and 65 Chairs
6LCD (Dell)1 no
7Sound system
8Television (LG 32”)
9Reception Building151 sq. m.Reception, office and library with 1000 books on different disciplines
10General Toilet building95 sq. m.Rest room
11Bath room building72.23 sq. m.Bath room
12Bio-gas plant10 cubic meterCanteen use
13Factory shed94.64 sq. m.Regenerated building construction materials
144” deep well boring for irrigation540 m.Irrigation to organic farming
15Solar energy system6 panelPower Backup
16Generator2 kwPower Backup
1724 hr internet access
18Fire extinguisher6 nos
19Motorbikes (Yamaha125cc)3 nos
20Car (Bolero)1 no
21Land Premises9,490 sq. meterTraining, Demonstration and Resource Centre
22Desk Computer2 nos
23Lap tops (Dell)7 nos
24Printers3 nos
25Photocopier machine2 nos1 repairable
26Scanner (Samsung)1 no
27Digital Camera1 no