Building Materials

Building Materials

The Life School Centre wants to be a leading demonstration centre for sustainable design in a local context.

Since we began the first construction at the ground where the LSC stands today, we have been following a fixed concept about how the different sustainable building materials should be designed. The concept was to ensure that all building materials were:

  • Based on locally available materials
  • Possible to produce or grow locally
  • Reducing deforestation
  • Reducing co2 emissions
  • Based on renewable and low energy materials
  • Low cost, realistic and replicable

Today the LSC has production facilities for the construction of various types of building materials. When the facilities are not being used as integrated parts of the training courses, we use them for producing building materials that are for sale. At the moment the LSC is producing four different types of such sustainable building materials:

Building Materials

Some of the construction technologies and building materials based on sustainable ‘Earth Architecture’ is available with demonstrations, learning and purchasing opportunities. Brief descriptions with illustrations and prices are available, see the PDF

For further information about the building materials, please contact the LSC

Similarly we are always interested in getting in contact with other stakeholders holding an interest in promoting sustainable building materials!