LSC Training Courses

LSC Training Courses

Training Courses

Based on our experiences with the JIWAN Program (since 2005) we have developed a wide range of enlightening, practical and effective training courses, covering various topics such as Bamboo Architecture, Community-Based Natural Resource Management, Open Village School and Social Empowerment, Ecological Gardening and many more.

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Enlightening, Practical and Effective

All LSC courses aim at finding the perfect balance between enlightening the participants and making sure that the participants will get real practical experiences. The participants will be provided with the required information and theory, through enlightening presentations and hand outs. Besides this the participants will get practical hands-on experiences, either from smaller field trips or from working with sustainable techniques within the LSC compound. In this special correlation our courses have shown to be extremely effective.

The trainings will be facilitated by our pool of experienced LSC trainers. Depending on the topic and the required competences, the participants will be trained by professionals either working within the LSC, coming from our member organisations or from our extensive network.

A Perfect Learning Environment

The LSC staff will by all means try to provide the participants with the perfect settings for a good learning environment. The LSC will take care of all practical matters right from road pick up and drop service, to accommodation in the three beautiful lodging buildings, to the delicious food that will be served by trained cooks in the LSC canteen etc.

For booking or further information about the courses, please contact the LSC

Tailor made Courses

If you cannot find training courses that suits you, our team of professionals can help! Based on our existing courses or as per your request within our field of competences, the LSC is capable of developing and conducting tailor made courses that are guaranteed to fit your specific needs.

For further information about tailor made courses, please contact the LSC